Mission of the DPEE

The Direction of Forecasting and Economic Studies carries out any sector and macroeconomic studies and research useful in the conduct of economic and financial policy of the Government. It provides an assessment of the situation and prospects of the country and coordinates the work leading to the choice of economic and financial policies in the short term.

It develops estimates of the economic situation, and establishes the macroeconomic and financial forecasts associated with the preparation of financial laws and commitments of Senegal at the sub regional, regional and international levels. As such, it is responsible for organizing annual campaigns of economic budgets.

The Direction of Forecasting and Economic Studies is responsible for the preparation of economic and financial report annexed to the budget bill of law of the year and the preparation, negotiation and monitoring of the Government’s economic and financial programs. In particular, the Directorate of Prevision and Economic Studies is responsible for:

- conducting the collection and management of the interior and exterior conjuncture information;
- integrate this information into a global forecast frame and undertake conjuncture analysis and forecasting work;
- organize the dialogue between the relevant services for all choices of the economic and financial policy in the short term;
- coordinate the practical implementation of economic policy choices in relation to the relevant services and bring those choices into the relationship between the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the economic and financial sectors;
- submit macroeconomic summaries such as conjuncture panels, conjuncture notes and reports on economic and financial outlook in the short term;
- conduct of studies on prices, incomes and employment, public finance, money and credit, the international economy and foreign trade;
- perform simulations to measure the impact of the economic policy measures considered.